Residential development “PALMAR DEL RIO” is located in the Republic of Panama, Province of Chiriqui, District of Bugaba, La Concepción in the upper part of Bugabita. It’s located about 0.5 mile away from de Panamerican Highway and about 13 miles from David city and 16 miles from Costa Rica border.


At about 0.5 mile from “Palmar del Rio” there is a branch of the Social Security (which is being remodeled and will be functioning soon) where you can get specialized medical service and dental care as well as E.R. assistance 24 hours.

Besides, the bus station for the route David- Concepcion- David is at about 5 minutes from the development, as well as the center of La Concepcion, where you can find supermarket, stores, medical and dental care centers, bank services and churches.


The development stands on an area of about 6.8 Ha. (16.8 acres), where a total of 66 houses will be built, in lots that range from 600 m2 (6.456 sq. ft.) and 725 m2 (7.801 sq. ft). It includes a green area for public use and a nature reserve area close to the river Guigala, which holds about 1 Ha. (2.47 acre).

The first phase is already under construction, and it is formed by 29 Houses and fitted 50% of the green area and play place for kids.

The second phase will be formed by 37 houses and completing the green area for public use.

The development has electric energy and drinkable water supplied by IDAAN (INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ACUEDUCTOS NACIONALES) , and a reserve tank of 10.000 gallons of water for exclusive use of the residents. The pavement roads are wide, and there are common green areas with a play place for kids. Telephone and Internet access will be available, according to guideline service provided by the company Cable & Wireless.


Model PALMAR 2R has (2) bedrooms, (1) bathroom, living room and dinner room, kitchen, open laundry area under roof, terrace, drive way and carport for (1) car.

Model PALMAR 3R has (3) bedrooms, (2) bathroom, living room and dinner room, kitchen, open laundry area under roof, terrace, driveway and carport for (1) car.


CONSTRUCTORA CON FUTURO S.A. (Constructor Company) provides services of architectural design and construction of other models of houses, or in case of adjustments are made to the size and/or to the specifications of the models offered, all this according to what the customer prefers.


· Anti-seismic structural design
· Concrete blocks walls
· Painted in a single color
· Roof in galvanized sheet enameled red color
· Floor in ceramic tiles
· Windows in aluminum type lattice glass
· Gypsum board ceiling over living/dinning room and supported ceiling in the rest of the closed areas
· Exteriors doors in metallic sheet
· Low cabinets in kitchen
· Bathrooms half covered in ceramic tiles
· Carport for (1) car
· Terrace


For PALMAR 2R model:

· Lot area: From 600 m2 ( 6.456 sq. ft) to 725 m2 ( 7.801 sq. ft)
· Closed area constructed: 59.5 m2 ( 640 sq. ft)
· Open area constructed: 34.8 m2 ( 375 sq. ft) (including car port and patio)
· Total area of construction: 94.3 m2 ( 1.015 sq. ft)
· Bedrooms: ( 2 )
· Bathrooms: ( 1 )

For PALMAR 3R model
· Lot area: From 600 m2 ( 6.456 sq. ft ) to 725 m2 ( 7.801 sq. ft)
· Closed area constructed: 76.1 m2 ( 819 ft sq.)
· Open area constructed: 34.8 m2 ( 375 sq. ft ) (including carport and terrace)
· Total area of construction: 110.9 m2 ( 1.194 sq. ft)
· Bedrooms: ( 3 )
· Bathrooms: ( 2 )

PRICE OF HOUSE: (Prices considered up to April 10/07) in the first phase of the Project:

Model PALMAR 2R, with carport and terrace, in a lot area of (6.456 sq. ft). US $ (27.600.00)

Model PALMAR 3R, with carport and terrace, in a lot area of (6.456 sq. ft). US $ (32.832.00)


Up to date about 60% of the houses located in the first phase has been sold, and 30% out of then are already under construction.

Also, this residential development “Palmar del Rio” has a model house type PALMAR 3R with (3) bedrooms and (2) bathrooms, completely finished, furniture and decorated as reference for possible customer.


Constructora ConFuturo S.A., David, Prov. of Chiriqui, Republic of Panama

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  1. We are traveling to panama on Feb 4th and TO DAVID ON Feb 5th.. Is it possible to view…


  2. Michael & Barb Freeman said

    We are interested in getting update informtion about this development. We are in the process of selling our home and want to visit Panama soon at look at various property to buy or rent.
    Thank you!

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